69 Nicosia

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More and more devotees of the unusual porn come to Cyprus to meet the local babes and try out the most pleasurable sex poses. One of most extraordinary and sensuous positions is 69 position. In Nicosia it is extremely popular. Either you or your partner can stay on top and lick each other passionately.


Our dolls can do even more, especially if you are creative and open-minded. The upside down 69 position in Nicosia is suitable for strong hulks who are able to hold their partner upside down. So that the babe is hanging along your body and sucking your dick while you are licking her juicy pussy. This position arouses you so much that you can’t help nailing that sex-appeal chick immediately.


The 69 sex style in Nicosia has been popular since ever because it’s a good way of firing up a partner and engaging him in active copulation.


If you want to have intense fuck in Cyprus, try simultaneous oral sex in Nicosia. This position presupposes giving and receiving pleasure at the same time. It is a great foreplay that gives you an opportunity to get ready for the ride of your life. Choose our skilled babes and have the best sex in Cyprus!